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CISMA - Film Director

Brazilian based director Denis Kamioka, aka Cisma (Portuguese for schism), began his career as a motion designer and 3D animator at Lobo in Brasil, later on he was invited by Diesel, the jeans company, to be part of its creative team in Italy.

In 2004 moved to Barcelona where he began to shoot mixed media films.


Finally in 2008 he came back to Brazil where he establish himself until now working as live-action director. 

Since then he has been nominated for a Latin Grammy and has won awards at advertisement festivals like Cannes Lions, Clio, D&AD and One Show Interactive. He has directed documentaries for ESPN, Canal Combate and music videos for artists like Criolo, Milton Nascimento, Racionais MCs, Tropkillaz and Nação Zumbi. 

Currently, he is directing TV series, one of which, 'Sintonia' Season 4, reached No. 1 on the Netflix Global Non-English charts.

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